Hello Beloved Readers,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by.

Diamond Margaret here; the person behind this blog. She gives birth to this baby because she quits her boring day job. As much as she loves reading she enjoys writing too.

Well, she writes about a few topics that are closed to her heart. A Health conscious & a lover of all things beautiful.

Ever since she was a child, she has always been fascinated by Love, Beauty and Nature. Shy by nature and sometimes introvert. Travel and adventure are; what makes her happy. She’s obsessed with youthfulness and never in her wildest dreams, imagine that she would grow old.

Always curious about the old way of beautifying oneself without using any harmful products and she also had this wild imagination that, what if there really exists a ‘youth potion’ that would make us all look youthful as long as we live.

Okay, maybe not everyone wants to be youthful, but Diamond, with all her heart, never want to grow old.

This is a site about promoting good health and well being.

Side by side wit Beauty care. Most of the DIY methods that are described here are tested by a group of friends; who are weirdos and insanely after natural remedies and plant-based products. They are harmless for any type of skin and plus they are so refreshing, you can get them from your own kitchen or garden. Isn’t that wonderful! What do you think?

We all can promote health care, through healthy livings, healthy habits, natural skin care, hair care and most importantly taking good care of oneself using organic food, organic products and natural herbs available from nature.

She believes health is wealth, so Long Live! everybody and don’t you ever grow up! 🙂

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