9 Benefits of eggplant you should be aware of

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Here are the wonderful benefits of eggplant for health and skin. Eggplant is widely known as brinjal and thus; serves as a common vegetable in most kitchen.

There are many varieties of eggplant with slightly different taste and texture; besides it is spongy; easily available and cook even faster.

It is found throughout the year in a grocery store but its prime season is August to October. So, this is the season where you can get the best eggplant in the market.

Here are our 10 benefits of eggplant which may make you include it in your diet.

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9 Benefits of eggplant you should be aware of


It can manage type 2 diabetes. This is because the juice of eggplant extract has the property to inhibit the enzymes that lead to diabetes.

It is high in fiber with low soluble carbohydrates in it, thus making it; one of the best component in managing glucose and insulin activity in the body.

Include this powerful plant in your diet for maintaining the sugar level in your body. You can get your eggplant here below.


Have you heard that eggplant has been using largely in a weight loss diet plan as well as in obesity? Why?

This is due to the fact that eggplant is loaded with high fiber content; making you feel satisfied by inhibiting the release of ghrelin; a hormone that makes you think that you are hungry at an inappropriate time

Thus; it helps in reducing appetite for a longer duration and helps you reduce the intake of calories which in return helps you lose weight and control obesity; since it has low-calorie content, it helps burning body fats faster.


Eggplant is rich in vitamins A, E, and minerals, hence it promotes healthy skin and great complexion.

Niacin, a compound found in eggplant is great at reducing, treating and preventing acne and other skin issues.  It has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties and is very effective in treating skin diseases.

Besides; vitamin A is known to help fight skin cancer, acne, and wrinkles; whereas vitamin E is an anti-aging nutrient,  which strengthens the capillary walls and improving the moisture and elasticity in your skin.


Due to its anti-inflammatory properties; eggplant prevents and heal peptic ulcers by smoothing the stomach lining.

It is also rich in anti-oxidants substances that help in inhibiting the peptic ulcer to turn into cancer. Not only this; it eases stomach gas and ingestion and give you a good night sleep.

If you’re having any stomach issue; just have eggplant for your dinner.


Anemia is a condition in which the body lacks red blood cells. This may be due to lack of iron in the blood which reflects a lack of iron in the diet.

Eggplants have a good amount of iron which helps in combats anemia. Lack of iron in the diet might be dangerous to your overall health.

The common symptoms associated with low iron include headache, migraine; fatigue, weakness, and depression. It’s iron content helps improve the health of red blood cells within your bloodstream giving you a boost in energy, and might even eradicate anxiety.

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6. Benefits of eggplant for brain health and nervous tension

Another awesome benefit of eggplant is this one. It is packed with phytonutrients that help in brain development in children.

The present of scopoletin and soroparone compounds found in eggplant; helps calm the nerves and reduce nervous tension.

Offering yourself with eggplant in your meal will make your brain active and less tense. You can shop your grocery here below from Amazon.


Thanks to its anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which make eggplant good for heart health and cholesterol.

Drinking eggplant water extract reduces cholesterol and makes the heart healthy and increases blood circulation throughout the body and prevent heart attack.


Since brinjal contains bioflavonoids and vitamin K, the substances that strengthen the capillaries; therefore it helps in blood clotting. A blood clot prevents excessive bleeding when the blood vessels are injured.

Normally, when you are injured; your blood vessels become narrower. The narrowed blood vessels reduce the flow of blood to the injured tissue and limit the loss of blood.

Thus eggplant help in dissolving the blood clot faster when the wounds are healed.


Some researches say, that a study has indicated that eggplant juice can be used to fight cancer since it is rich in trypsin. This compound can help in neutralizing the cancer-causing cells in humans.

As it was earlier mentioned that it heals stomach ulcers that might lead to peptic ulcers; so hence there are chances to be discovered that it can actually prevent cancer!


This simple yet powerful vegetable should be your rock in the kitchen. However, if you do not cook it in a healthy manner it might bring a negative impact on your health.

So, here’s a little more about how you should use eggplant in your daily diet.

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Do not fry your eggplant as this counteracts the many health benefits because; they absorb a large number of oils.

Baking, steaming or lightly cooking it will help in retaining many of its nutrients without negatively impacting your health.

The best way for healthily eating eggplant is to steam it. When it is steamed the naturals oils and water in the vegetable is coming out nicely.

You can use this for your skin and have it mixed with salads for great health. The naturals oils found in eggplant is the healthy oils that cause no harm to your well being.

These are some of the best benefits of eggplant. Do not peel off its skin too; as it is highly nutritious as the vegetable itself.


Benefits of eggplant


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