9 Best Essentials Oils for Skin |The old age traditional Secrets’

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When it comes to a skin care routine and anti-ageing skincare; I prefer essentials oils than night cream or any other moisturiser because they are simply the BEST!. Today I will share with you some of the best essentials oils for skin; which are well chosen based on friends recommendation and experience.

It reduces and helps many skin related issues like wrinkles; ace, anti-ageing, dryness, scar and lots more. So, are you a lover of essentials oils?

Have you used essentials oils before? If your answer is No, then here are the best essentials oils for your skin. It’s high time that you start using them and if your answer is Yes, well I guess you knew all its benefits.

Believe me, this is not a joke!. Give it a try and you will go, awwww… 🙂 Essentials oils top the chart; they have so many Health & Beauty benefits that most people are not aware of; especially during the winter and dry season of the year.

All those who used essentials oils for skin care knew this secret which has kept their skin so supple and well hydrated all the year through. So stop pondering and get yourself an essential oil and start your beauty regime right away.

What are you waiting for?. The longer you wait, the more time it takes for your skin to heal. Let’s get started!

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There are so many essentials oils out there which may confuse you. What to choose and what not to choose? Which one is good for your skin type?

Well, with a little research, I have found out some of the amazing essential oils that are good for any type of skin and these oils are also used differently for a different purpose. It can be used for all seasons all year through.

But there is a method on how to use it during the hot summer weather, where you don’t feel like there’s a need to use it because of the hot and humid weather and your skin might be oily already but there’s a trick, that I will be sharing with you here at the later part.

So, first thing first.


Here’s the top list of all the best essential oils for face, which you can use for yourself or you can surprise your sister by giving her essential oil as a gift! These oils are the traditional secrets to old-age beauty.


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Who doesn’t love kumkumadi oil? It is a mixture of various herbs and popularly called the miraculous beauty.

It is the No. 1 skin care remedy for beautiful smooth looking skin. I’ve used it and I’m loving it! And all those who used kumkumadi oil know how perfect it is!

But there are hundreds of kumkumadi oil in the market. Choose according to the need of your skin.

We have kumkumadi oil for Skin Brightening and Radiance [here], that would brighten dark spot and blemishes and tone the skin, then aNight Serum for older women as well as for Anti-Ageing, which heals fine lines and wrinkles because it prevents dryness.

For the younger generation, there is an all in one Kumkumadi Oil [Buy here] which removes pimples, scar, acne scars, and blemishes.

All the different types of kumkumadi are so effective that you can use a few drops only to make your skin flawless! Try it and you will see.

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Frankincense Essential Oil has been used for ages but it has gained so much popularity recently. It aromatic smell has largely been used in incense and perfumes.

It is known as the King of all essentials oil. Remember the story in the Bible, where the three magi bought frankincense oil as one of the gifts for Jesus.

Well, it has so many therapeutic values on the body besides skin care. It cures skin cancer,  skin inflammation, removes body scar, pimples, acne and even joint pains. Just like kumkumadi oil, there are varieties of frankincense oil, all of which have the same component but made by various laboratories.

All frankincense oil has been extracted from Boswellia trees, which have many species but studies have shown that Frankincense essential oil, made from  Boswellia sacra [click here to buy] is one of the best quality besides Boswellia carteri,[click here to buy] 

Boswellia sacra are obtained from East Africa and China while Boswellia carteri is found and obtained mostly from the Middle East. Then we have Boswellia serrata [click here] from India.


If you adore frankincense oil and would like to have one then you can get them here:


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ir?t=diamond0bb 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B06W56W7KL - 9 Best Essentials Oils for Skin |The old age traditional Secrets'When I heard the word lemongrass, all I think is a delicious herb that my grandmother used for cooking and making tea.

I remember it smells so good and refreshing and the flavour is so tangy. Now that we all have grown up, having lemongrass as an essential oil makes me smile.

Lemongrass essentials oil is used for facial care, body massage, scalp massage, as a diffuser because of its aromatic smell and a mosquito repellant.

It’s absorbed quickly into the face and promotes clean and clear skin which reduces the risk of pimples formation due to its anti-bacterial properties.


Rosehip essential remove skin and lips pigmentation, acne scar, promotes skin lightening and hair growth. It hydrated dry skin and removes fine lines.

It contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants and hence protects the skin from sun damage. Rosehip oil also helps in restoring skin elasticity and it is very light on the skin, which makes you feel like you are applying a well-hydrated cream not an oil.

Just like all other oil, it has many brands but makes sure that whatever brand you choose, pick a virgin cold pressed rosehip oil, it is pure extract and 100% natural but it’s very pricey.


If you are a fan of rosehip oil, get them here:

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The lavender essential oil is another greatir?t=diamond0bb 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B01M06ICNA - 9 Best Essentials Oils for Skin |The old age traditional Secrets' oil for your skin care routine. It is rich in antioxidant and prevents inflammation on the skin. Besides this, it keeps acne at bay, even reduce stress and anxiety, induce sleep, alleviate pain, and even control diabetes.

Lavender oil produces glowing skin, stimulates the brain and can be used as an infectant at homes. It heals skin infections, acne and any kind of skin diseases.


best essential oils for skin

Some essential oils are not at all oily, hence you can apply them as a skin moisturizer. During winters and dry season, the skin needs more moistures and using essentials oil as a moisturizer is excellent to prevent dryness. Most oils are oily on the skin and sometimes it irritating having oils on your skin.

But here are a few essentials oils that are light and non-greasy and you can use them as a skin moisturizer. Some of the oils which are already mentioned above like Kumkumadi and Rosehips oils, are non-greasy and absorbed quickly into the skin; you can perfectly use them as a skin moisturizer.

Besides kumkumadi and rosehips, here’s the list of lightweight non-greasy oil which can be used as a skin moisturizer.

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# APRICOT OIL [Even for hot & humid weather]

This light fragrant Apricot Oil is loaded with vitamins A, E, C, fatty acids and anti-oxidants. It is light and smooth on the skin that it can also be used even during summer.

This oil is specifically used for moisturizer and it can be blend with coconut oil to protect from UV rays. You don’t need to use facial cream any more while using this oil.


 Tea Tree Essential Oil is best suited for oily skin. It is an excellent treatment for acne prone skin which is mostly caused due to oily skin.

Due to it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it prevents breakouts. This oil penetrates deep into the skin and helps to unblock the sebaceous gland. So, all those oily skin fellas out there should try using tea tree essential oil for your skin or you can go for organic tea tree facial cream.

# JOJOBA OILS [Another Great oil for oily skin]

Jojoba oil is an amazing skin moisturizer because it is non-oily and can use by people who have oily skin to prevent acne, says a dermatologist.

It’s amazing that you can even use it during summer because it is so light on the skin. Jojoba Oil [click here] makes the skin smooth and silky in texture without feeling oily.


Using essentials oils for your skin in summer must be annoying with the hot weather but you still want to look amazingly flawless throughout the season. So, tricks for using essentials oil in summer.

  • Take any of the above essential oils and put a drop or two in water.
  • Wash your face with this water before going to bed. Pad dry.
  • This method will make your skin soft and supple in the morning without any irritation.

Another method is to take Frankincense Essential Oil [click here] and mixed it with Rosewater.

Add two drops of frankincense oil to a few drops of rose water. Then take a cotton ball and gently rub this to your face. Leave for 5-10 minutes then wash with a cleanser.

These two tricks are simple yet very rewarding of how much you can use essentials oils even in summer. All these oils are the best essentials oils for skin which has been used for ages by beauty queens to improve their overall skin care and texture.

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