11 Effective Calcium rich foods for bones

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The body needs calcium-rich foods for bones and teeth. It is one of the most essential components for bones health and growth.

Our body is made up to 90% of calcium, however; some of us are still depriving calcium in our body because we are not having enough calcium.

Long before the existence of modern knowledge; milk was thought to be the only source of calcium.

Thus, however; calcium is found in fruits and vegetables too. Not just milk and milk products.

So, if you are like me and you don’t like having milk in your diet, or maybe you have lactose intolerance then, you should adopt these fruits and veggies as a source of calcium in your diet.

Well, our body cannot synthesise calcium; hence we need to include it in the diet; so that it gets absorbed in the body along with vitamin D.

Calcium needs vitamin D to get absorbed. An equal proportion of these two; makes a perfect blend in the body.

Calcium-rich foods for bones

Calcium is a mineral and it is the main component of our bones and teeth; therefore, the lack of calcium in the body will have many other consequences health issues.

Here are the calcium-rich foods; other than milk and milk products.


Milk is loaded with heaps and heaps of calcium and vitamin D. Both minerals are the life and soul of our bones.

Because calcium needs vitamin D to bind in the bloodstreams; thus milk is considered as the topmost food for healthy bones and teeth.

Otherwise, there are various fruits and vegetables that are rich in calcium as well, but milk top the chart!

Milk products like cheese, butter and some other dairy products; also contain a good amount of calcium in them.


I know broccoli is not everyone’s favourite, but hey if you love greens; then I bet you, this is the one that you’ll never miss out in your diet; well, at least not in my family.

Broccoli contains a lot many things; not just rich in calcium but rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

It has fibres too and low in calories and this makes it a prominent diet for weight loss.


Nuts and beans are a tiny nutritional powerhouse to the body. They contain many healthy fats and nutrient.

Almonds, hazelnut and walnut are amongst the nuts that have more calcium than others and amongst the beans; soybean is the bean with most calcium content in it.

Besides calcium, beans are also loaded with proteins that are essentials for bodybuilding and making the skin rich in collagen; a protein that delays ageing!


Fish, salmon and sardines are rich in calcium. Thanks to their edible bones. Canned salmon, sardines and pressurised fish; have edible bones that are soft and can be chew.

They provide calcium and omega-3 fatty acids; that is very good for the bones, brain; skin and heart.

calcium rich foods or bones


An egg is another all rounded food for health and skin. It has all the necessary requirements needed by the body; some in small quantities and others in the right amount.

Eggs contain saturated fats, Vitamins D, A and B but calcium is one source that an egg has. Include eggs in your diet for healthy teeth and bones.


Dry figs are rich in calcium; anti-oxidants and fibres.

In fact, dried fig contains more calcium than any other dry fruits.


It acts as an enzyme for stomach upset. Besides this, it has a good source of calcium.

Ladyfingers ease digestion because it is also rich in fibres.


The date palm has calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and dietary fibreIt is also very good for people with low glycemic sugar level.

It promotes brain health and eases natural labour pain. An excellent natural sweetener and have loads of mini tiny nutrients that are good for your body.

How to know if your body lack calcium

These are the sign and symptoms that the body needs calcium.

  1. Muscles cramps in legs
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Weak and brittle nails.
  4. Numbness and extreme fatigue
  5. Decrease bone density
  6. Memory loss or weak memory
  7. Confuse and depressed.
  8. Dental changes like a tooth cavity, weak roots and teeth become brittle too

Calcium Facts

Too much calcium might be bad for your body. Hence, here the list of the right amount of calcium that your body needs.


Age                                           Calcium Intake

Birth to 6 months       –              1,000 mg

7-12 months               –              1,500 mg

Children 1-8 years      –             2,500 mg

Children 9-18 years    –            3,000 mg

Adult 19-50 years       –             2,500 mg

Above 50 years           –              2,000 mg

Pregnancy and breastfeeding teens  – 3,000 mg

Pregnancy and breastfeeding adults – 2,500 mg

 Take your calcium consumption according to the requirements needed by the body.

These are some of the common widely foods that are calcium-rich foods for bones both dairy and non-dairy foods.

Calcium rich food

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