Coping with Stress | Tips And Strategies

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Stress has been; since the dawn of creation but with our overloading and over ending lifestyle; it makes things even worse!. Coping with stress on a daily basis is everybody’s necessity.

The word stress or coping with stress began to take forms with the beginning of the new age. Nowadays stress is a common word. “I’m so stressed out;” is a common phrase.

Chronic stress disturbs our health and well being. That’s why we need to take a closer look at; what causes stress? and how to tackle it?

But stress has a deeper meaning than being stressed out. So; what is stress anyway?

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What is stress?

Stress has many definitions based on different subjects but what we are talking here; is the mental or psychological stress; which affects lots of people on a daily basis. Stress can be defined as a feeling of strain and pressure; when things go wrong. It is the way our body and mind response to any kind of demand.

When people feel stressed; they release some kind of biochemicals into the bloodstream; that may make them vulnerable, to coping with stress. It is caused by both good and bad experiences.

These experiences might sometimes lead to physical danger; especially when one’s cannot control the feeling and emotions caused by stress. There should be an outlet where; it could be released; otherwise, all the negative energies that arise with stress might cause great harm than heal.

Causes of stress

The root cause of stress includes a whole bunch of many things. From physical stress like; the fear of something dangerous to the emotional stress; like worrying about a job or having too much debt to cover and many more. The list is endless.

Some of the most common stress are:

Internal Stress: This kind of stress is also known as the emotional stress or the psychology stress; which makes a person to worry about certain things that bother them; like not having a job; relationships; workplace; which affects the mind and emotions and the way we feel toward others and yourself.

Survival Stress: This is rather physical because in this kind of stress; you have the fear for things and objects around you. The fear of getting hurt physically by someone or the fear that a spider might harm you; leads to the rushes of chemicals through your body and making you tense.

Fatigue and overwork: 


This comes under both Physical and mental stress. Overwork leads to fatigue and makes you feel stressful and angry. If you are a busy person; taking a short break in each and every interval will help you lessen the burden of feeling stress out.

Take a few minutes of Walking outside your office or talk to your colleagues or you can just close your eyes; take a deep breath to reduce the workload and fatigue out of your body.

Causes of stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace is another headache. Many people are coping with stress in their workplace. Causes of stress in the workplace are:

  • Pressure from the authorities to complete each and every task
  • Being judgemental of each other’s work; not being able to accept each other uniqueness
  • More overtime due to staff cutbacks
  • Fear of being laid off
  • The working environment not friendly, colleagues not cooperate; pointing fingers at each other
  • Having a dead timeline for everything
  • No freedom to express own’s thoughts

These might be different for a different workplace. Each and every workplace has its own sets of rules and regulation to follow, so; these causes might not be the same for everyone.

Causes of stress in students

Most parents are not aware of the stress of being a student. There are lots of stress at school too. These causes are:

  • Bullying or racking at school by peers; peer pressure
  • Scared of a strict teacher
  • Pressure from parents for not being able to perform well according to parents expectation
  • The unhealthy environment at home
  • Giving too much homework/ assignment/ projects without weighing the pros and cons
  • Not having friends
  • Lack of support from friends and family
  • Upcoming test and hard classes
  • Poor sleep schedule at home making a child be moody and less focus

Understanding a child’s ability and strength at home and in school; will help the child to cope with stress in a healthy way.

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Dealing & Coping with Stress

Coping with stress is rather a skill than a strategy. When we were young or while we were teenagers; we cope with stress differently than when we are adults (teenagers out there, don’t let stress; stressed you out). I remember, I used to be very arrogant; when stress hit me as a teenager and the more arrogant I become; the harder it hits me back but; now things have changed since back then.

I am able to cope with stress more graceful and less stressful 🙂 now. Hence for me; coping with stress is a skill, not a strategy; this is something I’ve learned over the past few years. As I grow; I realized there are lots of things, that are not meant to be worried about and besides I don’t care much now.

The best way to handle your stress is to learn a different technique that would help you cope. People react differently to a different situation. You may feel terrible over a situation while your best buddy feels nothing. It’s the way, the mind process through all our thoughts and feelings making us stress; physically and mentally.

Tips and Strategy to deal and cope with stress

  • Write your feelings and thoughts in a journal
  • Play an instrument or start learning one
  • Listen to music
  • Write  a letter to a person you are stressing but do not send it
  • Go for a walk; go to a gym, go for a bike ride, go to a park
  • Meditate, do yoga, Take some deep breaths
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Practice positive affirmations and visualizations
  • Clean your room and clear your space
  • Avoid overthinking and being alone. Let your stress out by doing some exercise. Exercise releases stress and tension
  • Read a book

Coping with stress | This is what I did when I’m in stress:

We all have our own ways to channel our stress; ways that resonate with our feelings. Well, this is how I cope with stress.

  1. I talk to my trusted friend over a matter that disturbs me badly. She just listens and listens and said; ‘yep, I know how it feels’ and said nothing more. This makes me feel so relieves because she knows; what I need exactly!. She knows that I don’t like people giving me advice; over a subject until I ask for it. So; go talk to your best pal.
  2. There are certain things that are best keeping quite. Sometimes I don’t feel like sharing! So, what I did instead; is writing down all the crap; out of me, in my journal (or rather I would say a piece of paper; I don’t want people to later read all the rubbish in my journal); pouring out my soul. This way; I’m letting all the negative energies out of my body. After writing down all my stress and depress; I burnt that paper. This is my outlet.
  3. Journaling: Pouring out all your anxiety in and throw the secret journal; making me feel like I’m throwing all my burdens!

  4. I go out. Step in the sun or be with nature! Going outdoor release stress especially if the sky is blue.
  5. Counseling. If you have traumatic fears from the past that you carry with you into the future; I suggest you go to an experienced counselor. It would be of great help.
  6. Pray, Meditation, Yoga or whatever religious thing you are doing; that you think; works best for you; DO that!
  7. Be positive, think positive and always keep an open mind by saying these words to yourself; ‘ I am finding, a solution to this issue, nothing is forever, this too will pass soon’.

These are the techniques that I used and it works all the time. You might be having your own skill to coping with stress; which will make you feel better.

How to Cope with stress at school

Coping with stress at school; is another headache. We all have been there, right? But with times we tend to forget; how does it feel to be young! For all the right reasons; parents and educators out there; help your children out.

If you are a student and having a hard time at school do this; as first aid to your mind.

  1. Take time to care for yourself; like having a good night sleep; avoid bad company and make good friends.
  2. Do your assignments one small baby step at a time.
  3. Lower your goals. Don’t pressurize yourself.
  4. Stay balanced during exams period. Do not rush things to the end.
  5. Talk to your mentor or your parents regarding hard subjects and matter that bothers you. They are there to help.

Coping with stress in daily life | How to reduce stress? 

Alright; I’m going to be fast, quick, simple and easy on how to reduce stress in daily life. From work to family to school and then to relationships and money and what not? Well; stress seems to be the new norms. Let’s have a quick look at some of the simple tips and trick that would help us to reduce stress:

  1. Chew or eat something. Scientific studies have shown that chewing food help reduce stress. Eat an apple or a banana whenever you feel stress or you can chew sugar-free chewing gum.
  2. Do some yoga. It helps reduce cortisol and lower the stress level in the body.
  3. Deep breathing and meditation for 5 minutes will calm down your nerves.
  4. Stay away from computers. Take a frequent short break every now and then and stretch your arm and neck muscles.
  5. Listen to music or hangs out with friends.
  6. Watch a funny video when you feel stress and anxiety. Laughter reduces stress and makes you happy.
  7. Rest yourself by making your muscles relax from head to toe by lying down on your back o the floor with your arms and body in a relaxed position.
  8. Ghosting your social media for a day or two will greatly reduce your stress.
  9. Go for 10 minutes walk in your neighborhood; will induce endorphins, a hormone that reduces stress. You can visit the park too.
  10. Drink fresh orange or lime juice. Vitamin C, found in these fruits release the stress hormones.
  11. Care for your pet; if you have one. If not get a pet!

Last but not the least; take a nap. If you’re feeling stress out; just take a nap.

Food that reduces stress

The food that you eat determines your health and well being. Health is achieved from inside out. This means you have to take food that will help you grow healthily. These are the food or fruits that will help you combat stress.

  1. Tea
  2. Fish
  3. Carrots
  4. Oranges
  5. Milk
  6. Yogurt
  7. Avocado and Banana
  8. Swiss chard and green vegetables because they are rich in magnesium (Magnesium lower the risk of stress level)
  9. Nuts and chocolates

All these food contain different compositions like vitamin A, C, magnesium, zinc; which helps reduces the formation of stress hormones that trigger the body system.

Well; do not worry; you are not alone in this journey of coping with stress. It is a global phenomenon. Take care because it might affect your health and your way of thinking in the long term. Chronic stress is bad. Get rid of it as much as possible. Don’t overthink; things will work out just fine; if you let your stress go away.

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Coping with stress

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