13 Common Diseases Caused by Junk Food

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You probably know a few diseases caused by junk food, and the effect it has on one’s health.

Yet junk food is so addictive that we can’t control our cravings.

Over the past few years, there has been a raised in concern with the nutritional levels of junk food all across the globe and the health issues it caused.

Our eating habits have changed so drastically that we prefer packed and ready-made food.

They are tasty and crunchy too, making people shift from organic food to fast food!

Junk food contains lots of additive sugars, fats, carbohydrates and chemicals that are dangerous to health.

Many researchers found that fast food leads to obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and many more; but many people are not aware of the ill effects caused by junk food.

This is not something to make you scare but it is about some basic ideas, of how you should avoid or eat less junk food, for good health.

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Food like pizza, burger, pastries, processed food, snacks, fried fast food as all junk foods.

And then, the Indian junk foods like Pani Puri, alu muri, chat, sweets and many more are all junk foods that are not good for health.

Here’s is the list of twelve common diseases caused by junk food.

Diseases caused by junk food


Obesity is one of the common health issues in the world and its different from overweight. There are some other factors that lead to obesity but one of that factor is junk food.

Junk food contains a high amount of carbohydrates, sugar and sodium salt, which are cheap, hard to resist and leads to overeating.

Your pancreas secretes more and more insulin and drives sugar into your cells to store more fats in the body. Thus, making you obese.

All these increases the glucose level in the body and with no physical activity in the body, it leads to weight gain and types 2 diabetes.

Over time junk and processed food slow down the body’s metabolism leading to stomach bloating and belly fats.

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Diet is an important risk factor that leads to heart diseases. Junk foods are loaded with high saturated fats that caused bad cholesterol and thus affect the heart.

Fast food increases coronary heart diseases.

If you keep eating junk food, the sodium found in it increases twice as fast putting your heart at risk and your body in jeopardized.


Junk food contains high sugar, sodium salt and fat content with little to no nutrition value. This increases hypertension in the blood which leads to fewer supplies of oxygenated blood into the body tissue.

Thus the heart needs to pump faster in order to compensate for the need for oxygen by the body and hence give rise to blood pressure.

Obesity is also linked to blood pressure because the body is rich in saturated fats that might clog the arteries and leads to uncontrol bad cholesterol level.

Cortisol makes the brain to think that the body needs to store more fats and hence leading to you, consuming more and more food and not feel good about yourself.


Some respiratory problems are also the diseases caused by junk food. Overeating of junk foods lead to obesity and in return, obesity leads to the respiratory issue like shortness in breath and asthma.

Most obese people have difficulty in doing any kind of physical activities, even as simple as walking or climbing stairs. For this reason, they put a lot of pressure on their heart and lungs leading to hypertension and respiratory problem.


Most of the junk foods are fast and processed and are loaded with tons and tons of sodium salt and sugar which makes your sugar level to rise higher than normal.

In the long run, these ingredients resist the production of insulin in the body and the cells no longer respond to insulin and lead to a high sugar level in the blood.

This leads to insulin resistance and hyperglycemia, where the sugar doesn’t get stored in the body but rather stays in your blood streams and over time it develops into type 2 diabetes.

If you have type 2 diabetes, it means that your body is not using insulin properly.


Some junk food contains substances called as phthalates which disturb the reproductive system in the body.

So, having junk food regularly for more than 3-4 times a week will link to infertility in women.


This is another effect of diseases caused by junk food. Consuming too much junk food will deprive you of obtaining the right nutrition to the body.

Junk foods are usually high in calories and high energy dense foods lack proteins, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, monounsaturated fats, vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

Hence lead to malnutrition.


Fast food affects bones development amongst children and as well as in adults, it decreases the bone density. It causes reflux of acids and may lead to tooth decay and cavity.

Due to lack of proper vitamins and nutrients in junk food, it lowers the bone density in the body.


This is scientifically proven that having too much junk food will make you feel stress and depress because it releases stress hormones on the body.

At first, eating junk foods increases your dopamine, the excitement hormones which makes you feel good and addiction to junk food.

But when you keep on having junk food, the production of dopamine decrease and instead cortisol, a stress hormone is produced which makes you feel stress and depress and you keep eating more.


Junk food slows down the process of metabolism and does not improve digestion too. It leads to the various gastro-intestinal problem like gastric and stomach bloating to name a few.

They are also loaded with saturated fats that do not get digest properly and hence accumulate on and around the liver which caused inflammation and liver damage.


You know unhealthy food always produces unhealthy skin and hair. These foods rich in sugar and oil give rise to acne prone skin.

Even the hairs may be affected by this. It becomes scanty and dry and may even contribute to flakes.


A sleeping disorder like apnea is another disease caused by junk food. It is the temporary cessation of breathing especially sleep.

It is a condition where people wake up several times at night due to shortness in breath.


A peptic ulcer is the most common ulcer disease these days caused by acidity in the stomach which is very painful.

Junk food, salty snacks and processed food all contribute to peptic ulcers.

These are the most common diseases caused by junk food but there are many which are not so popular.

Children too are largely affected by junk food and food habits. Avoid given salty snacks and ready-made food to your children.

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