Homemade hair care tips for gorgeous hair

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Homemade hair care tips: Updated, May 5th 2019

Sometimes caring for your hair is expensive. All those beauty parlours appointment you had and yet it’s frustrating at times when you don’t get the results you want!

That’s why I prefer DIY hair care at home and especially if you are on a low budget and still want to look gorgeous, then hello! this is a perfect way!

So, put aside this weekend and pamper your hair at home with your beloved family. It’s wonderful to have your own hair spa and just be laid back at the comfort of our own home. Let’s have a look at some of the most simple yet magical ways to treat your hair.



Oiling is the first step in hair care and treatment. Without oil, hairs become dull, dry and split ends happen. Never skip oiling your hair once a week.

Steps required:

DIY hair care and treatment

  • Take 2 tbsp of olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil in a bowl and warm it gently.
  • Mixed all the oil together and with the help of a cotton pad; apply it on your hair, make sure you apply right from the roots.
  • Apply thoroughly from the roots to the tips of the hairs until the hairs become damped.
  • Leave for 40-60 mins, allowing the oil to settle down on the hairs and seeps through the scalp for better nourishment.
  • Wash your hairs with a mild shampoo using lukewarm water and pad dry.

Castor oil can also be used for hair growth and if you have thin hairs, it’s better to mix with castor oil.


After shampooing the second steps is applying a hair mask. For the hair mask, always used a natural hair mask. There are so many natural ingredients for a natural hair mask. You can use any of the followings hair masks.

Egg hair mask: For oily hair

If you have oily hair used egg whites only for a hair mask. Eggs are rich in vitamin and proteins, it provides lustre, good texture and smoothness to the hairs.


  • Take one or two eggs depending on hair length and thickness. Used only egg whites and beat it till foam.
  • Apply this to the whole hairs especially at the tips t avoid split ends.
  • Leave for 15 mins and wash with cold water.

Honey hair mask: For dry hair

DIY hair care and treatment

Honey is a great moisturizer for dry hair or skin. It also helps smoothen and soften the hairs, bring back the glory and shine.


  • Just take honey and massage it through the hairs.
  • Thoroughly apply all through the hairs length and make sure that every strand is cover with honey.
  • Leave for 30 mins and wash with lukewarm water. Pad dry.

Yoghurt and hibiscus: For dandruff flakes

Yoghurt reduces dandruff and flakes from the scalp, while hibiscus flower gives it a smooth and shining glow. These two mixed together to form a perfect combination.

Steps required:

  • Take few hibiscus flowers and grind them till a thick paste is formed. Do not add water.
  • Mixed the hibiscus paste with 1/2 cup yoghurt and apply it thoroughly from the scalp to the tips of your hairs.
  • Leave for 20 mins and rinse with cold water. Pad dry.

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Steaming makes the hair soft and manageable. It provides moisture to the hairs and prevents dryness. It can be done in two ways:

  • With the help of a steamer

After oiling and massaging, steaming is done for about 20-30 mins with the help of a steamer or a steamer cap, which is easily available from the market. After it’s done, pad dry your hairs.

  • Hot towel steamer

DIY hair care and treatment

Hot towel steamer is by using a towel as a steamer to cover the hairs. Dip the towel in hot water and squeeze the water out of it. Now, wrap your head with this hot towel all around covering your hairs for 15 mins. Remove the towel and pad dry.


Last but not least, conditioner the hairs after all the above steps makes it complete. Used mild conditioner or natural homemade conditioner. Do not use strong conditioner as it might damage the hairs in the long run. For homemade conditioner used baking soda or egg whites.

Homemade baking soda conditioner


  • Take 1/4 cup of baking soda in a bowl and add 500 ml of water to it. Mixed well
  • Apply this mixture on the length of your hairs or deep your hair in this mixture for 5 mins.
  • Wash your hairs with cold water and pad dry.


Caring and treatment go hand in hand. When you care for your hair, you will also treat it well.

There are simple hacks to treat our hair fast and easy.


Once in a week apply yoghurt to your hair. Yoghurt is thick and helps your hair to obtain the moisture content it needs.

It is rich in nutrients, fight flakes, prevent dryness and make the hair smooth and silky.


Take 1/2 cup of yoghurt in a bowl and beat it till a smooth paste is formed. Apply the paste directly to your hair starting massaging right from the scalp.

Leave for 15-20 minutes and shampoo your hair with lukewarm water.

Do this method once a week and your dry hair will turn smooth and silky in no time.


Did you know that gooseberry water is very good for shiny hair? Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidant, makes the hair texture good.


Take few gooseberries and boil it in water. Allow the water to cool down for sometimes. Wash your hair with this water. This is gooseberry water.

It nourishes the hair and makes it silky.

DIY hair care is simply the best. It needs only a few minutes of extra care to get the results you are looking for. Natural hair care is authentic and toxic free, which is very healthy for the hair growth.



Homemade hair care tips


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