How to boost testosterone? | Amazing ways to boost testosterone

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Why are married men testosterone levels lower, and whether the level of the hormone decreases significantly with age? All about natural ways to increase testosterone. 

Testosterone is the most important male hormone. It is considered the most important male sex hormone.

It is responsible for the formation of male sexual characteristics, sexual and erectile functions. Plus, muscle growth would not be possible without testosterone.

Contrary to popular belief: testosterone is not associated with a high level of aggression; on the contrary, in men prone to aggression; cortisol is high and testosterone is low because the stress hormone cortisol reduces testosterone levels.

Testosterone nerds will give you more information about Testosterone and men’s health factors.

How to boost testosterone?

Testosterone And Love

Scientific studies, dating from the middle of the two thousandths; show that testosterone levels fall in men in love. Apparently; this is a kind of protective mechanism for the formation of a stable couple and the birth of a child.

Interestingly; paternity and caring for a small child also lower testosterone levels, but only for a while 2-3 years after the start of a relationship; the level of this hormone is restored, allowing the man to “break into battle again.”

Decrease Testosterone With Age

Although the level of testosterone in men does decrease with age; but not as much as many people think – at the age of 35; testosterone secretion is only 5% lower than at 25.

A significant drop in the level of this hormone begins only after forty years; decreasing by about ten percent every five years.

Toward fifty years, the level of testosterone in men is no more than 60% of the level of twenty-five years.

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Supplements To Increase Testosterone

Before we talk about drugs to increase testosterone; it is more logical to start with vitamins and minerals, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals which lowers this level.

Having included them in the diet; you will achieve not only increase the level of testosterone but also just improve health.

Lack of zinc, magnesium and vitamin D is closely associated with a drop in the level of the male sex hormone.

But it is important that when these minerals are taken, the level is only restored to normal, and zinc and magnesium themselves do not increase testosterone.

How to boost testosteron

Natural Testosterone Enhancement Techniques

If we talk about dosages, then a man needs 10–20 mg of zinc, 400–1000 IU of vitamin D and 350 mg of magnesium daily. In addition, 2 grams of calcium per day has a positive effect on testosterone.

The overwhelming majority of men suffer from a shortage of these trace elements. For example, if you often have limbs with cramp, then this is one of the signs of a lack of magnesium, and lowered immunity and brittle nails – a lack of zinc.

Obesity And Testosterone Levels

Excess weight is one of the most important factors in the reduction of testosterone; Adipose tissue is able to convert the male sex hormone into the female. The more fat a man has; the lower his testosterone level and higher estrogen levels.

A high level of female hormones in a man helps to utilize free fatty acids from the blood into the fatty tissue; which reduces the risk of vascular blockage.

But it is obvious that the accumulation of fat mass increases and obesity is the female type.

Testosterone And Exercise

The less body fat a man has; the less testosterone turns into estrogen – weight loss clearly leads to the normalization of testosterone levels. In addition; the higher this level becomes, the faster the fat will burn.

As for strength training, it significantly increases the level of testosterone, because the hormone is necessary for the body to grow and maintain muscles.

But do not worry, high testosterone does not lead to baldness, as previously thought.

Eliminating the deficiency of trace elements such as zinc and magnesium is one of the easiest ways to normalize testosterone.

In addition, getting rid of excess fat and weight training also have a positive effect.

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