Jonk oil reviews: Can Jonk oil really cure baldness?

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So, this Jonk oil reviews for baldness and alopecia is done by my two best men. One is a friend (who is more than a friend) and the other is a brother (my brother actually).

Both are bald and I’m proud to present Nature Sure to them; a Plant-based company with 100% Natural products.

Time and again I love Nature Sure hair growth oil and I am still using it. Thanks, to Nature Sure for trusting me with their products!

I’ll allow my boys now, to take you to their journey of baldness and their recovery medications. I’m just a writer but they are the true storyteller here, on their journey!

The first half of this review is done by my buddy, my partner in crime; who will share his testimonial with Jonk oil and the second half of the review is done by my brother!

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jonk oil reviewsHiya! I’m Collin E L Nonglait and today I’m taking you to my journey of Jonk oil reviews and how I use Jonk oil to reduce hair falls and scalp issues.

I have been bald for many years now and I believe my baldness is genetic because it runs in the family.

My dad is not bald though, but my Uncles are! So I guess I got this baldness genes from my mother’s side. All my maternal uncles are bald and beautiful! 😉

Genetic baldness is something very difficult to deal with. At first, I didn’t realize that my baldness is genetic.

I thought maybe I did not take care of my hair or maybe I’m meant to be bald or whatever. I started losing my hairs at the tender age of 21!

From there on, hair falls started bit by bit and then one day I just woke up and realize I’m bald!

What else can I do? Nothing! Well, the truth is I actually did almost everything to stop my hair from falling and before I go straight with how Jonk oil helps me; here’s a little bit about my story and how it begins.

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My Story My journey…

I’ve developed psoriasis and dermatitis at the young age of 10! I remember vividly that psoriasis developed initially on my head which later became a severe dandruff condition.

Flakes the size of a thumb, itchiness, scaly flakes at the back, face and my chest! I was using allopathy at that time but the used of these steroids; does not heal my diseases completely and this is one of the main reason for my hair falls!

It helps at the moment but it reoccurs from time to time and I need to change my medications. This slowly becomes like a cycle for me.

I took medications; if it doesn’t work for a couple of months; I change it and use another one.

I tried almost every remedies and medicine in the beginning but then I got fed up and leave it for sometimes.

The more I tried the worst it gets and the tenser I become! But now I’m using homeopathy, side by side with Jonk oil and I see the outcome is somewhat promising.

The on and off using medication has become a cycle and over the years it has become a necessity for me.

Baldness affects men more than women and if your baldness is genetic then you might be considered changing your DNA rather than changing remedies!

But if your baldness is due to sickness or some other reasons then there are 101% that you can grow your hair back.

However, do not be discouraged; with the advancement in science and technology, anything is possible right? You just have to wait for the right time.

Jonk oil or leech oil; is the oil which is mainly made from leech extract as it says. This is my Jonk oil reviews which are based on my experience and what I got from using this oil.

So, with no further ado, let’s jump straight to my reviews.

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Nature sure jonk oil reviews

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B0761LD3J5&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL160 &tag=diamond2508 20 - Jonk oil reviews: Can Jonk oil really cure baldness?Let me tell you one thing, What I hate most about this product is the Smell! The smell of jonk oil is so terrible; which makes me feel like I’m going to puke!

I have been using it for two months now but I’m not a regular user so you can expect what would be the outcome; if you are not consistent.

So, I think if you use it regularly like at least thrice a week then I am 100% sure that this oil will work and especially if your baldness is not genetic.

Even though if it is genetic like mine; it does work to some extent but keep in mind; I’ll be honest with you; I use it only once a week sometimes once in two week; I hardly had the time to use it every day beside you have to use it at night due to its horrible smell!

Here’s what I found using this oil:

  • I’ve noticed that my dermatitis and psoriasis reduced greatly! And how I wish I had enough time to use it daily but sometimes hardly once a month too.
  • It really helps in preventing my scalp from dryness. This is what I love about this oil. I have very dry scalp, flakes, and dandruff but I notice that every time I used Jonk oil; my dryness and itchiness disappear.
  • Side by side with this oil; I am also taking hair medication from a homeopathy doctor.
  • I did see some improvement but like I said since my baldness is genetic; so genes alteration might be super effective and yet I am not using it properly. Had I use it regularly as instructed; I think it might help.
  • For those of you who are bald due to sickness or some other reasons, I highly recommend using it.
  • Even if I haven’t used it properly; still hair growth is there but not so much.

NOTE: If you want to get an effective result; use it thrice a week for two-three months and your hair regrowth will take place.

Besides if your baldness is not genetic then this oil is perfect for you. 

jonk oil reviews

Nature sure Oil ingredients

The product itself does not say anything about its ingredients; other than it is a leech extract product.


  • Help prevents alopecia and baldness
  • Support hair growth in baldness
  • Useful for hair loss and hair falls
  • Re-growth hairs for baldness
  • Promotes and nourishes the scalp
  • Fight dandruff and infections


It is advisable that we should use jonk oil only at night. The direction for use are:

  • Apply this oil to your scalp by massaging it directly to the roots.
  • Massage for 5-10 minutes and leave it overnight.
  • Wash your air in the morning with a mild shampoo and pat dry.
  • Use it twice or thrice a week for two-three months for best results.

Jonk oil benefits

  • Helps alopecia, dryness, and flakes
  • Increase hair growth and prevents hair loss if you as directed.

My experience

Dryness and flakes disappear but since I’m super busy with work; I don’t have the time to use it as instructed because we cannot use it during the day due to its bad smell.

Had I use it regularly; then I’m 80% sure that my hair will grow again to some extent; though not fully.

Wanlamjop Susngi Reviews (the second half)

Jonk oil reviews

Hello, everybody, I’m Wanjop Susngi and I have been using Jonk oil for my baldness.

I have been bald for so many years and I too like many others have been on this painful journey of changing and using different kinds of medications.

From onion juice to various hair growth creams and oils; it’s pathetic that sometimes I just wish that technologies would invent some magic trick that works faster.

This way, I won’t lose my patience of waiting for my hair to grow while using it. With no further ado, I’ll come straight to the point.


Two months back I used Jonk oil and I am still using it. I love it but it has a very strong odor. Well, Jonk oil odor is terrible.

  • After using jonk oil for three weeks, sometimes twice sometimes thrice; I noticed some changes in my scalp.
  • Dryness disappears and small patches of hair begin to grow on the area that was no hair before.
  • Hair growth is slow but yet again Rome was not built in a day.
  • I used it along with onion juice overnight and wash it off with a sweet smelling shampoo in the morning because it smells so bad.
  • 100% natural leech oil so, no side effects. Pure nature oil.

I was happy with the product and still hopeful with how much the oil can help me grow my hair back; even though I’m a little skeptic because my baldness is genetic.

Recommended: For best result use it regularly as per instructions.

jonk oil reviews

Use it, get it, try it and see it for yourself. Do let us know your experience with jonk oil and it would be wonderful if you would drop jonk oil reviews as well; so that people will know its value.

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Leech oil for hair growth - Jonk oil reviews: Can Jonk oil really cure baldness?

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