Benefits you get by throwing your legs up the wall

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Kids love throwing their legs up the wall and so do some grown-ups like me. Initially; I had no idea that this is good health but now that I knew; I love it even more. Throwing or putting your legs up the wall benefits the muscles; the bones and help to calm the nerves.

Therefore; throw your legs up the wall from now on 😉. Lie with your back flat on the floor or on a comfy mat with your legs up the wall posture; resting your legs on the wall and your arms stretching comfortably on the floor or you can put it on your stomach.

This will make you feel so relaxed and especially if you close your eyes; it will make you feel calm even better.

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Legs up the wall benefits

Three two four, shall we start? 😂 First thing in the morning when you wake up; drink a glass of warm water or a nutritional shake; wait for 5 -10 minutes and do this method.

Here are its benefits:

1. It reduces legs cramp and feet

When you stretch your legs in this manner; the tension in the muscles of your legs and feet is reduced and cramp is healed.

Extend this method for 15-20 minutes and your whole body will be calm. This makes the muscles to relax and allow more oxygen to the muscles which release the tension that surrounds the muscles.

Blood circulation becomes smooth and the arteries in the muscles become less rigid.


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2. Legs up the wall benefit edema

Edema is swelling of the legs which are caused by water retention, and also due to the collecting of fluids in the cavities of the tissues in the body.

The swelling usually happens in the ankles; the feet and legs. By putting the legs up the wall; it reduces the risk of the fluids collecting within the tissue.

You can do this method in the morning or 10 minutes before going to bed; is the best practice for better results.

3. Relives stomach cramp

Do you have a stomach cramp? Especially during menstruation or before that. Well; if it does, then putting your legs up the wall; will greatly reduce the chances of stomach cramp and menstrual pain.

This is because the muscles of the pelvis and the lower abdomen relax, and blood flows with ease after a few minutes. Now you might think that this way; it will make the issue even worse, but the truth is; you need to do this only at the beginning of menstrual cramp to relieves the pain. Once the pain is over then you can relax and be happy.

Do this for 10-15 minutes if you experience pain; it will help your pelvis from being a strain. This very simple exercise would benefit your overall health.

4. Legs up the wall benefits:  Your kidneys problem

If you have kidney issue like a pain in the lower part of the abdominal; kidney pain or just an uneasy feeling at the lower abdominal then; this exercise will remove and heal all those pains and issue you have related to kidneys.

Keep in mind this will not remove kidney stones; it is the exercise that helps with your kidney pain and especially if your kidney is a little lower in its position than the normal; then this will restore your kidney health and position.

Legs up the wall benefits


5. Legs up the wall before bed: Improves fertility

Are you a man or a woman looking for ways to increase your fertility? Or do you and your partner trying for ways to get pregnant?

This is your chance of enhancing your pregnancy and fertility. After making love; performed this activity to enhance the chances of conception.

This is also a yoga pose, that has been practiced by many people to keep the sperm inside the body, close to the uterus.

Besides throwing your legs up the wall; you can also do some yoga technique with this position.

You can curl up your knee one after the other keeping both your feet on the wall and then stretch one leg up towards your head and then the other one too; one after the other.

6. Reduces belly fats

This method also reduces belly fats. It helps stretch the belly muscles making it lose a few pounds. For reducing belly fats; you should move your feet up and down the wall and stretch your arms flat on the ground.

Isn’t this is such a great way to lose belly fat?

7. It Releases Stress 

This should be on the top spot for the benefits produced by throwing our legs up the wall, but none the less; in no particular order; releasing stress is one of my favorite benefit of this method.

It is so much fun if you did it with your children; friends ( if you guys are teenagers) or with your nieces and nephews! On that brief moment, you will forget all your stress and tension.

Even if you did it alone; you will still enjoy this posture because it helps calm your mind and body. It relaxes every cell in your body and you will feel that all the burdens are lifted off your body. Do it with closed eyes and concentration on your breathing steadily and your whole body will regenerate new wonderful feelings about yourself.

8. Enhances your immune system

When you put your legs up the wall; your legs are higher than your heart. Henceforth, the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system will be stimulated; due to gravity.

This posture will allow the easy movement of lymphatic fluids throughout your lymph nodes and all through the parts of your body like the neck; the armpit and the groin. Thus, your immune system will increase and your body will be able to fight common diseases like cold; flu; fever and headache.

9. It benefits runners

This posture is a post-workout recovery for runners. Runners usually have strain muscles most of the time. So this is a perfect pose for runners to avoid legs cramping and muscles cramp.

Just lie flat on the floor with the help of a mat after running and you’ll discover that it really helps you to relax.

10. Good for those who are pregnant

You might be thinking is this position does good or harm the pregnancy? Well, it is helpful during pregnancy and it will not harm your baby as long as you did it in the right manner.

This pose is called Viparita Karani in yoga; it helps reduce water retention during pregnancy and even makes you feel calm and relax. But it should not be done during the early stages of pregnancy.

It is best suited for expected mothers of 5-7 months. While doing this make sure to place a comfortable pillow [Buy one here] on your head; as well as at your back if you feel the need to put it. Consult your doctor first before doing; less it might lead to some other complications

How long should you do legs up the wall?

5-10 minutes is the best time for keeping your legs up the wall, but you can extend it to 20 minutes if needed by you and depends on how your body feels.

Morning and evening is the best time to do this exercise. Right after you wake up in the morning and a few minutes before you go to bed is the best way to throw your legs up the wall.

If you have any kind of abdominal issues; stomach cramp; legs problem; kidney and infertility; well, just throw your legs up the wall and soak in its benefits.

Legs up the wall benefits, you in so many ways. It is something that we simply just ignore but the tremendous effect it has on our body is just amazing. Simple yet superb!

legs up the wall benefits


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