My weight loss journey from 80 Kg to 60

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My weight loss journey starts, right after the birth of my second child. It happens accidentally. Not that I really want to, but because I need to. I love my body and I never feel overweight, but now that I shed a few kilos; it feels great and even better. 

This is a guest contributor post By Sumar S Lyngdoh.

The truth is, I don’t have a weight loss diet plan; I’m bad at sticking to my plans and making it work is not my mantra!

So, based on my self-experience; I am sharing with you guys, a few tips and tricks that I incorporate, which was solely based on; the food I eat plus walking a mile a day. Other than these; there’s nothing.

If I can do it with nothing at all; so can you. My mantra is simple;

Eat your heart’s out; Don’t skip your favourite; Embrace your true self; Love your body and shed a few pounds.

Well, is my mantra way too much for you? Go create your own; create the things that make you happy.

I remember people used to tell me; ‘Oh you’ve gained weight’, ‘you look fat’ and I was like; ‘What the heck?’. Let me tell you; “I love my body and my self-image is fine!” I am always comfortable with my own skin and I don’t give a damn about what people think about me.

However postpregnancy; after my second child, I started to feel uneasy with my body and it’s weight plus health. And for my height; it is way too much.

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My Weight loss journey

To begin with, I feel heavy; my body feels it too and my blood pressure increases. I don’t feel like doing anything. All I did the whole day was eat; sleep and eat sleep again. With less physical activities and more red meat in my diet every day; it makes me sick.

Henceforth, I made up my mind to eat healthily and stay healthy because I knew it in my heart; that, what I did was not good for me nor does it makes me happy.

My hubby bought me this refreshing shake; along with this cup to lower down my blood pressure. My doctor advises; that I should cut down my meat intake and substitute it with juice or shake.

Sometimes I take fresh juice and at times I like this readymade shake [Here]; which is fast and give me an instant boost and mood lifting.

Besides these; I have decided to walk my way to my office whenever I’m not in a hurry. This would be like my best exercise for the day.

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The Turning Point in my weight loss journey

Even though I’m comfortable with myself; in my plus size body but after my second child; things changed. I gain more weight and I feel uncomfortable. With the increase in my BP, I have to take things seriously now.

First and foremost is, to cut my red meat intake. It is not healthy for my body nor for my baby! This was easy. I thought I will not be able to do so but I did.

I had this planning thing all map in my mind. All the days’ work starts from my thoughts and processes it all through the day. It just came to me and it works perfectly!

This is how I start my day. It springs right from the moment I wake up!

  • I make it a habit to drink 1 glass of warm water first thing in the morning right after I brush my teeth.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and shakes in between
  • I still eat red meat once or twice a week. Can’t leave without that.
  • Lunch includes fresh vegetables and rice.
  • I drank lemon juice in the day time; half an hour after lunch.
  • Walk a mile a day on my way back to the office. Only if I’m not in a hurry.
  • Less intake of oils and fats and more intake of fresh fruits and juice.

How I stay motivated during my journey

Feelings keep me motivated. The way I feel about certain things when I do it; makes me to becomes highly motivated to reach my goals.

For example; I feel good when I eat a healthy meal. This way it motivates me to have healthy food more often.

My diet is simple; I eat all the foods that I want, but with a limited amount of a certain food that would harm my health and weight.

I reduce the intake of meat to twice a week only and substitute it with egg yolk!

A mile a day

I take a cab every day for work but there are days when I was not so busy; I would walk, my way to the office or the way back home.

Either way; I prefer walking at least a mile a day. It helps me think clearly and I feel more healthy and fresh.

A mile a day is what’s it take to lose a few kilos and especially those bellies fats.

Having a Flat Belly as I grow older is difficult to maintain. Hence, walking for 5-10 minutes is helpful; especially for someone like me, who have no desire to workout or put some effort into exercise.

With Lemon juice

This is the best! I believe in the saying which says; “If you have a lemon; make a lemonade”

Make yourself a fresh lemonade and drink it during the day. I drank it every day especially when the weather is hot. It is so refreshing.

You can add sugar or honey to make it sweet; depends on your choice. Lemon or lime juice makes you slim because it helps dissolve the fats in the belly and boost your immunity.

My weight loss journey From 80 kg to 60 kg

I lose 20 kg; that is 44 pounds in 8 weeks! I couldn’t believe it myself! With a strong determination to change my diet and food habits; just a little over to a healthy meal and it works like magic.

Water; homemade juice and herbal shakes are what makes me shed my pounds! Here’s my 7 days diet for weight loss.


2 glasses of lukewarm water; first thing in the morning, after half an hour each.


  • Boiled rice and greens (both fresh and fried)
  • Mix salads
  • Some days I took plain bread and boiled egg.


  • Boiled rice; dal, meat or egg yolk (twice a week only). Keep in mind I eat meat every day
  • Mix fresh green salads and vegetables.

In between lunch; I drank fresh juice or shakes or just water.


  • Plain rice (half the quantity of what I have eaten at lunch) along with veggies
  • No meat for dinner
  • Mostly boiled veggies for dinner
  • Having a few seasonal fruits 1 hour before dinner.

I eat my dinner like a beggar and I reduced the amount to half. If I still feel hungry; I just go with fruits to fill my stomach!

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These are the simple remedies I follow and substitute from week to week to keep track of my weight and blood pressure.

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How do I deal with cravings?

I have read somewhere that cravings occur due to lack of proper food and water in the body. Damn; this is so true. Put this thing to the test and you will find out right!

Understanding this fact helps me cope with my cravings. Every time when I want to eat something; I just drank a glass of water or fresh juice. After a week all my cravings are gone.

In my mind, I kept thinking that having healthy food is important for a healthy body; ‘specially if I want my baby to be healthy and smart because I still breastfeed her.

Sum Up

Losing weight is a challenge but it is way much easier; if you make a decision to yourself; that you are willing to shed those extra fats, that you have always dreamed off.

It is more like ‘mind over matter’. Anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it. You need to find your own path to make it work.

Create your own story and share your journey. Your journey might be different from mine but we all have been there. You are not alone in this journey.

My weight loss journey has made me a better person. Finding ways to solves my problem has made me wise. Eat healthily and stay healthy; is way much easy if you master the art of living healthily each day.

my weight loss journey
     About the Author

Sumar is a happy go lucky girl; who is a budding writer herself. But with two kids and a job; things have been quite busy now. Thanks to the kindness and support of ‘my hubby’ who have been there through thick and thin.

You can connect with me through Facebook

                 my weight loss journey                                 my weight loss journey

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