Organic Skin Care for long-term beautiful skin

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Organic skin care: Updated: 19th April 2019

The word organic means; fresh from the farm, without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. In short, we can think of organic as something that comes directly from nature (raw) and not man-made.

Hence, organic skin care naturals might as well be like that; however, it might have a slightly different meaning because we can’t create skin care that is 100% organic but we can make it 99% naturals!

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Why organic skin care is the best?

Because it has no harmful chemicals; no acids, they are purely plant-based products with less synthetic compounds.

Plus, having a healthy glowing skin is a sign of good health and it reflects mostly on the foods that we eat. Our cells and tissues in the body are constantly growing with each passing day.

They need all the required nutrients and minerals for full fledge metabolism. Thus, people are having a clear understanding now that organic food is a must!

Even celebrities are into organic and plant-based products these days. Why? because it is just simply the BEST! especially for long term beautiful skin.

So, having organic foods is a great way to achieve flawless skin and at the same time; battles the effects of pollution, stress; wrinkles and other factors that toll our skin.

Before we see the various ways of how to take care of our skin, the organic way; let us understand in brief about the importance of our skin as part of our bodily functions.

Must have Organic Skin Care Products:



Our skin: The protecting layer

Our skin is one of the most delicate parts of the body; even though it is made up of tough and stretchy matter; but it can be super sensitive to many external factors. 

We all know that the skin is made up of two layers; the Dermis and the Epidermis.

The epidermis formed the outer covering of the skin; which bears all the harsh conditions of the external world; while the dermis is the lower layer form just beneath the epidermis; which contain tough connective tissue.

The main function of the epidermis is to protect the body from environmental barriers such as heat and cold sensation; control of evaporation, water resistance and protect from direct entry of dirt and dust particles into the tissues.

Without the skin, our tissues would be exposed directly into the harsh environment.

Can you ever imagine; what will happen to our body without the skin? It forms the largest connective tissue of the body; which needs proper care in return.

People with sensitive skin; need to give some extra love for their skin because it might lead to irritation; rashes; skin diseases and some other issues.

The face especially is the most target of all skin tissue; since it is exposed directly to the environment for almost 24 hours.

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Using organic products for your skin is beneficial in the long run. Most organic skin care involved; raw materials that come directly from the organic farms or simply using the natural organic fruits and veggies directly to the skin; in the formed of a facial mask or having organic foods.

These homemade products which you made it; all by yourself from the organic farm or maybe you get it from an organic brand; that utilizes organic skin care are authentic.

They give your skin a fresh look which regenerates the skin cells from deep within; with less to no harmful chemicals at all and it even delays the process of aging.

Let’s start right away with the daily organic routine.



ir?t=diamond2508 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B005LZT9EM - Organic Skin Care for long-term beautiful skinWell; all your daily skin care routine should start with organic care. Caring for the skin every morning is the first step in achieving glowing skin.

  • First thing in the morning, wash your face gently with cold water; using a cleanser twice a week. Used scrub if needed. This will help to exfoliate the skin.
  • After washing your face; tone it with organic cucumber (grind & use) using cotton.
  • Cucumber is the best skin toner.
  • Let the cucumber juice soak in your skin for a few minutes and wash it with plain water.
  • Apply a moisturizer such as; coconut oil or a mild facial cream, to prevent the skin from dryness.
  • Used organic sunscreen (here) while going outdoors to prevent harmful radiation from the sun.
  • While using organic skin care use; minimal makeup as much as possible or better no makeup at all.


  • Remove all makeup and creams using rose water and cotton. Wash the face thoroughly with lukewarm water and pad dry.
  • Apply olive oil for night time moisturizer. Do not use any cream.
  • It is best to use only olive oil at night because it softens the skin in the morning and prevents wrinkles too.
  • If you have oily skin, do not apply olive oil at night. Wash your face with rose water only before going to bed and apply nothing!!

Caring for your skin daily every morning and evening for 5-10 minutes will help keep the skin in perfect condition.

# STEP 2:  Use organic banana for facial mask 

Banana is very good for tightening the skin and skin pores. Make sure to use an organic banana. It prevents wrinkles and makes the skin look young and smooth.

Banana has many healthy properties that make your skin clear and beautiful.


  • Take a freshly peeled banana and make a paste.
  • Apply this paste directly to your face.
  • Leave for 20 Minutes and wash with water.
  • You can also use banana skin!
  • After eating a banana, don’t throw the banana peel. This too can be used. Simply rub the banana peel on your face and leave for a few minutes; till its dry, then wash with water.
  • Banana peel is as good as it’s fruit for keeping the skin tight, clear and healthy.


While using all these natural remedies for skin care; make sure that they are all organic; if you’ve decided to go organic.

Mango is good for making the skin glow and helps remove impurities caused by skin care

It is a low-calorie fruit that is high in fiber, vitamin A, C, and B6. It contains folate, iron, and zinc which helps digestions and aids weight loss.

Due to the presence of phytochemicals in mangoes; it promotes clear skin. From my experience; this is by far one of the most effective remedies for clear and supple skin.


  • Take a ripe organic mango and make a paste. Do not add anything to the paste.
  • Apply the mango paste on the face directly and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Wash with water and pad dry.
  • Do this twice a week either in the morning or evening.
  • After a few days, your friends will notice the positive change in your facial skin.

Apply mango paste regularly and your skin will begin to glow and radiate.


We all know that papaya is very good in reducing wrinkles but avocado is amazing for pores tightening and puffy eyes.

Papaya, avocado, and lemon are rich in various vitamins and nutrients; that help in promoting gorgeous looking skin.


  • A slice of papaya, a slice of avocado and 4-5 drops of lemon juice.
  • Mix all three ingredients together in a blender till a smooth paste is formed.
  • Apply this to your face and let it dry for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, wash if of with cold water.

This method can be used once or twice a week depends on your needs. It is great to pamper your skin every weekend with these natural fresh fruits.


A healthy organic diet is another step for organic skin care. No proper diet means; no health no beauty! A healthy diet is essential for good healthy skin.


  • Eat a healthy diet every day to get rid of skin blemishes, pimples or adult acne.
  • Better if you have an organic farm with organic manure for healthy livings.
  • Drink lots of water to help purify the skin.
  • Includes greens and fruits in every lunch.
  • As much as you can, avoid having too much junk food. Skin needs nourishment inside out; not the other way round.
  • Avoid pollution by cover your face with a scarf.
  • Do not stress yourself out too. Don’t let worries and tension bother you.
  • Just put them behind your thoughts and it will be fine.

# STEP 6: Essential Oils

Most essential oils are organic. The extraction method is also pure. It is one of the finest remedies for gorgeous skin.

Essentials oils are of different types based on the plant it is extracted. The aroma and flavor are long-lasting and they are not oily at all; instead, they seep deep down under the skin cells and rebuild its damage.


In the evening, after washing your face with a cleanser or rose water; take a few drops of whatever essentials oil you are using and gently massage it on your face and neck area.

Leave it overnight for best results and wash it off in the morning.

More about the usage of essentials oils here: Herbs and Essentials Oils Super bundle

# STEP 7: Organic Skincare tips for all skin type

For normal skin:

  • Use organic aloe vera gel for your skin
  • Jojoba oil as a night moisturizer
  • Lavender and carrot seed essential oils for skin moisturizer

For oily and break-out prone skin:

For dry and sensitive skin:

  • Use vegetable glycerin
  • Honey facial mask
  • Fresh organic aloe vera gel


If you have sensitive skin, you have to put extra care for your skin. The above remedies may or may not work for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is a skin that is either too dry or too prone to outbreaks such as acne; pimples, rashes, skin erosion as well as have the tendency to skin flushing.

Long exposure to the sun or wind may lead to dryness and rashes of sensitive skin; which causes the skin to react faster than those of normal skin. Factors such as genetics may also hold a key to skin sensitivity.

Sensitive skin reacts faster to sunlight, wind, used of chemical creams products, excessive make -up and dehydration. Sensitivity varies from one individual to another.

Taking care of sensitive skin needs patience but once you master the art, its pretty simple actually.

  • Drink lemon or lime water in the morning daily to combat the damage of free radicals formation on the skin.
  • Lemon reduce body toxic and prevent acne and pimples formation.
  • In addition to lemon water, drink plenty of water during the day to avoid dehydration.
  • Moisturize the skin with coconut oil as it penetrates deeply into the pores and protects the skin from sun damage.
  • Cleanse the face with milk. Raw milk has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin. Its help reduces dark spot and blemishes. Raw milk cleansing can be used for all skin types.
  • Wash your face every evening with rose water using cotton balls or you can just add 5-10 drops of rose water in a liter of plain water and wash your face with this.
  • Exfoliate your face once a week with a mild scrubber.


Neem leaves are widely used in both skincare and health regimen. It is one of the best organic and natural skin care tips and DIY; for acne, pimple, smooth and healthy skin.

Just takes some 4 -5 neem leaves and boil it in 500 ml of water for 5 minutes. Wait until the water cooled down and wash your face with this, every day for a week to get rid of blemishes; dark spot; pimples and blackheads.


Last but not least, mint leaves are great for sensitive skin and pimples prone skin. It repels insects too.


  • While bathing takes 10-15 mint leaves and put it in a hot tub. Allow it to soak in the hot water until the water is cold enough to use for bathing
  • Use this water for bathing. This will cure any kind of skin issue that you have; if you use it every time you bathe for a few months.

You can also mix sandalwood powder with mint leaves juices for clear skin and use this as a face pack on your face.

Organic skin care or DIY skincare as you might like to call it; is natural and plant-based care with no harmless ingredients.

It has been the mainstream beauty regimen in today’s modern societies. More and more youths are into organic skin care because of the positive vibes it gives.

organic skin care

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