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Animals have played a vital role in a man’s life since the beginning of creation and pets therapy is one of them. Well; pet therapy can be defined as the interaction between a person with a trained animal or a trained pet.

Besides; it has a broad meaning which includes the assistant of animals in one’s life; to gain health and well being. Studies have shown that having a pet has a tremendous effect on the health of an individual.

If you are a pet owner, then you probably might understand it very well because only a cat lover or a dog lover or a rabbit lover knows the joy, the feelings and the attachment you get from your pet. Well, I must admit that; I am a hardcore rabbit lover!

I know my family and friends found me weird and annoying sometimes, for the fact of speaking and thinking none stop about my rabbits; but the truth is, I really don’t care what they think about me, right; pet lovers? 

Alright, we all know that animals are healers! Well, not all of them though, but most or some of them and the most rewarding is having a trained pet, who would look after you is pretty cool.

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Pets as therapy

Dogs and cats are the most commonly used in pet therapy, however, guinea pigs, fish, horses and some other animals are also used. These animals help people to recover and cope with their health issues like heart problem, cancer and mental disorders.

With pet therapy, you can form that pre-existing bond between human and animals. Interacting and playing with a friendly pet can ease physical, mental and loneliness in elderly people.

Dogs especially can give so much physical support to the elderly people with weak eyesight, improve motor skills, willingness to involve in physical activities, help in developing social skills in both young and old. It increases self-esteem and reduces anxiety and depression.

While using pet therapy especially in hospitals, safety and sanitation is a big concern and even at home too, make sure to vaccinate your pet and cleanliness is a must.

Pets therapy for elderly people

Most elderly people these days are alone and they even feel lonely too; they may not admit it but deep down, they are longing for love and care, that’s why some old age shelter homes do provide animal assistance to elderly people.

Children and elderly people are the groups that needed a pet most. Others are busy running for their lives so they don’t even have the time for a pet!

An elderly person with no grandchildren around, a pet is a perfect escort beside we all know that a dog is man’s best companion. The benefits of pet therapy for the elderly are:

  • Combat loneliness.
  • Increase in physical activities so that the body will not remain stiff.
  • Relieves stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Offering unconditional love and security to the owner.

Pets therapy for people going through various treatment

pets therapy and benefits of having a petPet therapy can be initiated for:

  • People who undergo cancer treatment.
  • Those who are in for long term care facilities needed a pet assistant.
  • People with mental disorder and dementia.
  • Those who suffer from the heart-related issue.
  • Stroke victims who need to regain their motor skills through physical activity.
  • Children who have to go through dental procedures.
  • People who suffer from chronic stress and depression.

Benefits of having a pet

Loving and caring for a pet encourages children to be responsible adults. They learn how to love and appreciates all those around them because a person who has so much love for an animal; will definitely value the worth of an individual.

Animals lovers are affectionate and sympathetic towards others if there is any kind of ill-treated being done to a person or to an animal. Here are the health benefits of having a pet:

  • Studies have shown that cuddling a pet, lower the stress level in adults and in return lower the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Whether you believe it or not, holding a pet can relieve chronic pain like a migraine and arthritis.
  • It lowers cholesterol level particular in men. It is said that men who have pets have low cholesterol than those who don’t.
  • Owning a pet; makes someone feels happy and cherish and that’s why pets had played a very significant role in a man’s life since the dawn of time.
  • Prevent strokes and allergies. Did you know that most children who suffer from allergies are those who don’t entertain pets at home for fear of catching some unwanted germs?
  • Thus a pet improves your immunity and helps you fight germs more vigorously.
  • You have a companion who loves you for who you are; and who will always be there waiting for you to come home.

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For all pet lovers here’s; something that you might like for your pet:




People who suffered from mental health like depression, anxiety, loneliness; emotional, should consider having at least a pet cat or a dog or even a rabbit.

Depression, anxiety and feeling lonely is a social challenge that needs compassion; love and understanding.

This stigma can be reduced by having a pet or simply by allowing patients to interact with a pet. If you are living alone and feel depressed; get yourself a pet.

It will make you feel better. Looking after a pet that you love; will make you forget all your worries. It brings you joy and some funny moments.


  • Play with your pet
  • Talk to them
  • Take your pet for a walk
  • Pat it, hold it and take it to a park


Considering getting a pet for a loved one and surprise them with their most loved pet. Getting a trained pet for assistance to those who really need one is a blessing.

Animals are just wonderful creations that are close to our heart and pet therapy; are the most sought out medication in today’s busy world. 

It can be considered as a natural therapy that heals and soothes both body and soul. We owe the love of our pets to our ancestral that form the unbreakable bond between man and his animals.

People now clearly want to understand more about the benefits of animals. Researches have makes use of the values and medication healing of pets therapy.

May you find the joy and happiness at the love of your pet.

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