What is Holistic Health Care?

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Holistic health care is an alternative approach to health based on the idea of the whole being. It is caring for the person as a whole, keeping in mind the physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of an individual.

In other words, you can say that complementary therapies along with scientifically proven methods are also used.

But holistic health care cannot substitute conventional medicines because it is a completely whole level of approach towards health.

Here, a holistic practitioner will look into the root caused of the diseases and find out the solution. So, you should never get confused between conventional medicines with that of holistic care.


The word holistic means ‘whole’ and it is something related to the whole system rather than parts. The termed ‘Holism’ was first coined by Jan Christiaan Smuts in 1926.

He describes the concept that living beings are “greater than and different from the sum of their parts.”

And hence the word “holistic” wasn’t widely used until the 1970s. Holistic health care can be defined as a health approach that is pertaining to body, mind, and spirit.

This means that all aspects of your body are considered, including feelings, behavior, stress, diet, nutrition, and environment.

The key is to understand your whole being and its unique nature, along with symptoms, and using the appropriate food, natural medicines or other treatments to stimulate a healing response. People respond differently to different disease.

You may hear of a supplement, herbs or treatment that has worked for another person, but this does not necessarily mean it will help you too.

In return, it is important to learn what is happening on the emotional level and what is supporting or undermining your health along with your emotions.


There are so many holistic care definition based on various factors. Some researches define it as complementary medicine while others define it as alternative medicines which use various methods to heal the whole being of the individual.

The variety of health care practices, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, and others, whose tenets often differ from those of mainstream medicine and are not generally taught in conventional medical schools.

Holistic care can include changing your diet and understanding the fundamental principles of how illnesses have started, instead of just putting medicine on the problem to mask it or try to remove it.

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What is holistic health care


Holistic therapy abides by the principles of analyzing the emotional state or changing thoughts and behaviors. It’s about all the ways in which people interact with their world and their overall sense of being.

A holistic therapist will guide their clients toward self-awareness and then allowed to lead their own journey through self-discovery and healing.

Holistic therapy has many ways of treatment. They are Yoga, Meditation, Nutritional therapy, Pet therapy, and acupuncture. All these make the body balanced and you get to treat the issue in a friendly and natural environment.


Holistic therapist training has been designed in the hope to share you something immensely valuable gift for your whole life to live in joy and peace.

By learning this training you become fully aware of your hidden potential to heal yourself and those around you, which can bring a new light in life.

A holistic therapist training will teach you a wide range of transformative healing therapies that covers mainly five fundamental areas and gives the tools necessary to bring about real change.

You can be a good Holistic Therapist after the training is over.

The holistic therapist training involves the followings:

  • Body and mind balancing by listening to your body through physical movement, meditation and other techniques to bring the balance in the body and mind.
  •  Understanding the complexity of the body and how it can hold stress, negativity, and blockages and how the need to release these tensions.
  • Healing the emotions through breathing techniques and meditation because some of the emotions are there holding on for a very long time.
  • Transformation of energy using cathartic methods which provides practical exercises in dealing with grief, jealousy, anger, and hatred.
  • Exploring Therapeutic meditation through various techniques.


The first step of holistic therapy is to get to know the client. Trust is built first before the therapist is able to get honest answers as to what is troubling the person.

This typically involves psychotherapy, commonly referred to as talk therapy. The therapist asks questions about the client’s childhood, past trauma, family members, past and current relationships, and anything else that might reveal clues about the person’s issues

Once the root of the caused is known, the therapist will be able to determine the best treatment for the client.

The holistic therapist training may include the followings approach:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • Journal keeping
  • Guided imagery
  • Assertive training and
  • Anxiety management

You will learn all the above approaches during holistic therapist training.

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What is holistic health care1. TAKING YOU INTO CONSIDERATION AS A WHOLE

Rather than focusing on your illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole you as a person.

The holistic therapist will also interact with the client’s environment.

It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning the very best.


Since this approach is based on all positive energy in nature, its mostly focus on natural health treatment.

Natural health includes herbs, meditation, acupuncture and holistic and hence there is a link from one method to another because these are the related approach to health.


Holistic health is about caring for the whole person — providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs.

It’s rooted in the understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health, and being ill in one aspect will affect you in others.

For example. Stress is a psychological response, but it can also cause physical symptoms, such as headaches, trouble sleeping, weight gain, and muscle pain.

Meanwhile, your spirituality and your relationships can boost your mental and physical health.

Studies show that having close friendships lowers your blood pressure, reduces your stress levels, and can even improve your chances of surviving cancer.

Understanding this, a holistic coach or therapist will not just ask you about your symptoms.

They will ask about you; your overall health and your life, so they can make personalized recommendations to improve your wellness.


Wellness can be absolute health if taken care of. Holistic health care doctors will empower you to achieve your positive goals.

He/she will bring about positive vibes in your nature and help in determining and making a clear decision.

It empowers your way beyond treating and curing illness.

Teaches you how to keep your health exceptionally healthy to prevent future issues.

Through holistic care, the therapist will strengthen and support you and your entire body to stimulate your Natural Health and Wellness.

Good health begins at home with high-quality food and nutrition, a non-toxic environment, mental and emotional nurturing.

These are the primary building blocks of health which have to be taken into consideration.


So, exactly what is holistic health care?

Well, it is all about honoring your body and souls.

More and more people are adapting to natural and holistic health care because it is convenient and the potential it brings is way beyond belief.

It helps you get back to your life and make you realized the beauty of being alive.


Children can sometimes have a complex issue like adults which need to be addressed with love.

If these emotional issues are not addressed they will grow and become uncontrollable.

Hence it is so important to understand the behaviors and nature of your child.

If you can identify and understand your child’s individual nature, you can develop a unique approach to parenting that’s best for your child.

Understanding the strength of your child and temperament is very important because this will bring about the deep feelings that a child is facing.

Holistic health care can teach a child to encompass minor issues related to his/her health.

Many of the holistic care can solve pediatric problems and help cope with the child for a better future.

Every parent should equip themselves with holistic health care so, they can provide the best possible care for the child in the home environment.


Time has rapidly changed over the years and because of this more and more advanced stages of medicines are developed.

While there are many lifesaving medicines yet holistic health has been a boost in every angle of your well-being.

Holistic health care has many benefits and yet it does have some challenges too.


  • It focuses on all parts of your body even your spiritual aspects.
  • Since it is related to natural health, it is cost effective and plant-based or herbs-based.
  • Improves the general growth of the body.
  • Heals your emotional and mental problems faster.
  • Provide relief from pain.
  • Keeps the environment clean and safe.
  • Build your self-esteem and a healthy self-image.
  • Helps fight addictions and provide complete aftercare to the patient.


  • People working in the holistic health center needs to be very patient with their clients.
  • They have to be joyful and understanding of their clients’ various issues that sometimes they have to forget their own.
  • If you are a health coach you need to be fully dedicated to working at any time a person needs them.
  • Need to be highly qualified in their field and many subjects related to psychology, natural health, yoga and all these which need to be mastered.

With all it’s challenges that one’s has to face, Holistic health care is an interesting way to health approach.

It helps you to master many skills that are all necessary for health and survival.

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